I studied theatre at Goldsmiths University and Trinity College, Dublin. Upon graduating I was lucky enough to work with companies including Shunt, Punchdrunk and venues including the Battersea Arts Centre and Old Vic Tunnels.

The majority of my work has appeared under the name LAStheatre. LAS is a word in the Irish language. It means to ignite, turn on or set alight. Through LAStheatre, I have written and directed work ranging from ambitious theatrical productions, to interactive installations and festival spectacles.

Over the years, I have won multiple awards for the style and innovation of my work. These productions have explored what it means to be human by placing the audience at the centre of an epidemic (Deadinburgh), imagined our changing environment in the year 2050 (New Atlantis) and harnessed the visual power of circus to discuss love, loneliness and consent with young audiences (Lovewright).



My work is often collaborative in nature and I enjoy creating inclusive processes which get the most from all involved. I am passionate about access, i started learning BSL in 2018 and am currently collaborating with Elise Davison (Taking Flight) to explore the inclusion of AD, BSL and/or visual vernacular in my work.


My work has been described as:

‘Spellbinding’ – Manchester Evening News          ‘Powerful’ – The Scotsman

‘Cleverly Conceived’  – The Guardian          ‘Atmospheric’ – The Herald

‘Fascinating’ – BBC          ‘Thrillingly immediate’ – FT