I have directed most of my work under the name LAStheatre. LAS is a word in the Irish language. It means to ignite, turn on or set alight. Through LAStheatre I have directed work ranging from ambitious theatrical productions, to interactive installations and festival spectacles.

Over the years, I have won multiple awards for the style and innovation of my work. These productions have explored what it means to be human by placing the audience at the centre of an epidemic (Deadinburgh), transformed Victorian medical records into an interactive ward round (The Enlightenment Café), imagined our changing environment in the year 2050 (New Atlantis), embroiled families in a carnival feud (The Lost Carnival) and enlisted young and old in a mission to fill an entire town with stars (The Astronomer’s Story).

My work is often defined by the innovative partnerships I create with the UKs leading academic and cultural institutions. A small selection of these collaborators includes: UCL, the Southbank Centre, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, National Museums Scotland, The British Library, Edinburgh Zoo, The Roslin Institute, Museum of London and the European Space Agency.

My abiding hope, whether making shows for little people or their aged associates, is to create work that ignites conversation and sets imaginations alight.