Story Storage

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In spring 2016, I was commissioned by the Chinese Children’s Book Expo to create a centre piece for their expo and launch their four flagship children’s books.  To do this, I created a production called Story Storage.

Story Storage, as the name suggests, is a company that stores stories. Whenever someone imagines a character, a setting, a story it has to be stored somewhere. The mind, of course, is the ideal place to collect your imaginary creations but what happens if you are a prolific creative with lots of tales wobbling around in your head? That’s where Story Storage comes in!

The audience arrived at the installation and, following an interaction with our team of Imagination Managers, choose one of four storage units to enter.  Once inside, they discovered 3D versions of each story world with rope bridges, slides, mountains and a beetling tunnel of sheep.   The experience ended in a cardboard workshop space where the audience took part in activities with our Imagination Managers and the illustrators/writers of each books.

Credit: Writer / Director